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Hi, I'm Cy Green. I work with fellow Chicagoan, Jimmy Miller who now resides in San Francisco.

We are not performers. We stay home and pound this stuff out.

We're need ARTISTS to bring our songs to life.





Remember... music done with software can't BREATH!             This is not a MIDI file with a real musician. It's FINALE Note Pad so it can't really groove.



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                         "Baby, It's Love" POP FEEL

                              by Cy Green





Key:  C

Structure: V/V/ C/C /B/ C

Didn't care for his personal life, but MICHAEL JACKSON would have been good for this song.







Don't expect the samples to sound as good as the songs should. The chords are usually blocked and sustained. And the human feeling is not here.







SONGWRITERS Cy Green & Jimmy Miller

Are not in a Band and do not perform in public.  

Cy  writes Serious Pop and always has the SINGER in mind. Jimmy prefers JAZZ,  but has great respect for the lyric.



     27 years of collaborating ...















Of all the great singers I've heard in my life, if I could pick just one to work out the kinks and get a good arrangement and introduce one of our songs to the world, it would be  JACK JONES.

Cy Green








Many Jazz/Pop Standards have been written by



Anything you hear on this site is copyrighted by law and is available for performing or recording upon request. Any co-writer I work with shares all rights and profits from this material.

Cy Green, BMI  Affiliate Member






We live in a world of instant gratification. And it's no different in the music business. If you're an ARTIST looking for something off the beaten path, and     you have some patience to find out what their music is really about, you may find success in songs written by CY GREEN and JIMMY MILLER.




  The Las Vegas Entertainer wants you to give these a LISTEN.  







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Trying to save money by just recording your own material and covering worn Standards, can be stifling to your listeners and to yourself. GET SOME VARIETY     in that CD you're doing or try intoducing one of these  at your next LIVE performance.




    This page features the song:

                            Baby, It's Love

                               by Cy Green 


I think that you're so damn lovely- I feel that you're just part of me. Do you feel the same way - I think it's love, really love.

I know now, I need you near me. Don't go now - I know you hear me. Just love me the same way that I love you, yes I do.

BABY, IT'S LOVE with a feelin'. Baby, it's you that I'm needin'. Do you really care? I got to know Baby, are you real - are you there? 

BABY, IT'S LOVE that I'm feelin'. Could it be me that you're needin'? Tell me that you care. Tell me sweet baby - this is love, really love.

I saw you there one fine day ... 





The recording fee is $50 per song for every 500 CD's you sell. If you sold 250 CD's with one of our songs on it, you'd owe us $25. Individual MP3's: .09 per Download.

Performance fees for BARS, WEDDINGS, CONCERTS, SCHOOLS etc.                               $25 per LEAD SHEET. (Tune)  If you are a name touring artist with a label -        these fees do not apply.



          We'll send a FREE Lead Sheet: MELODY,CHORDS,LYRICS

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          Whatever I created to enhance the songs with SOFTWARE

        will not be on the sheet. It's up to the ARRANGER to come

          up with the magic. Or you may get lucky and do it

          spontaneously in the studio.





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 "My JoAnne"


    is great for a Baritone Crooner.






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