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CY GREEN MUSIC Jazz + Pop + Ballads
NEW Tunes ready for RECORDING!

All Songs composed by CY GREEN & JIMMY MILLER

Cy Green & Jimmy Miller  Composers

Track 16

                 DEMO SONG #1   "The Time Is Now" (Medium Up Jazz Feel)                                                    Key of F                      SOFTWARE  Sample / Has LYRICS!

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LEAD A BAND?  IN ONE?  SING?                                                                                      We have new Original Jazz /Pop tunes seeking Artists.                         


This is a SONGWRITER site. We do not perform and seek competent   artists looking for NEW material. Just go over our playlist  and give us a listen. Should you want to use anything, give us the TITLE and we will send you FULL MP3 version w/ scratch vocal and Lead Sheet.                                                                                                                                                  


2) Baby, It's Love  /       POP/ROCK

3) Dance The Blues  /   BALLAD

4) Don't Ever Leave Me /   SWING TUNE  ... Real Musicians


6) Love Pantomine /    MOODY BALLAD

7) Sun Ship /     COOL BALLAD Instrumental


 8) What Should I Do (For Your love?)    BOSSA

 9) Tree Top Woman     BLUES

10) Andato    TORCH SONG


                                   All tunes Composed by Cy Green & Jimmy Miller

Keep in mind this is Simulated Sound, not real musicians - except for one cut.


                                          ALL Original 

                                 SONGWRITER Presentation



" We don't care about your image or social skills.

    We just need to hear and feel your artistry."



Jimmy Scalise

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                                 We are located at 1813 Ogden Av Apt. 2B  Lisle, IL   USA

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One of your songs has really added contrast to my CD!                                                                                                               It's now the most requested mp3 download. Thank you so much.

Bob Barker 

Montreal, CANADA