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JAZZ ORIGINALS Swing + Pop + Ballads
NEW Jazz Tunes ready for RECORDING

All Songs composed by CY GREEN & JIMMY MILLER

Cy Green & Jimmy Miller  Composers

Composed by Cy Green & Eddie Tobin  



 Key of  C Major

 Would make a nice BIG BAND Chart.

          "DON'T EVER LEAVE ME"

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 Cy Green & Jimmy Miller hail from Chicago and have collaborated for 30 years.

  They are not performers and seek professionals to do their works.  As an Artist,

  you will deal directly with us. Publishing rights can be discussed after we hear

 what your recording of any of our songs sounds like.



        Suggested Artists:    "Don't Ever Leave Me"



         Roy Hargrove                    Steve Turre               Carl Saunders       



                                                                                                            Freddie Cole

                 Kevin Mahogany                 Harry Connick Jr.       












  If interested in performing or recording this song ...

 Contact:   [email protected]






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One of your songs has really added contrast to my CD!                                                                                                               It's now the most requested mp3 download. Thank you so much.

Bob Barker                                                                                                                                                                                       Montreal, CANADA