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All Songs composed by CY GREEN & JIMMY MILLER

Cy Green & Jimmy Miller  Composers

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Track 14

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 How'd you like to bring her home to your Mother?



G minor blues in G major

This song has been around the block a few times. First inspired by a girl I worked with many moons ago. It could fit a hip ROCK GROUP, a BLUES SINGER,a young MOSE ALLISON or even a PEGGY LEE type singing at her.

Would it tarnish their image to sing it?

         Tom Jones                            Curtis Stigers

TREETOP WOMAN Sing with an Attitude

by Cy Green & Jimmy Miller


No the girl don't know what life is all about. 

And she can't see with her head up in a cloud - so high.  

I see a Tree Top Woman who steps on a dream,

and I know darlin' her grass ain't even green.


Oh her clothes are chic - she wears the latest style,   

and her hair keeps changin' colors, but she don't know   

how to smile - oh no.

She's just a Tree Top Woman who thinks she's so cool -

and her walk is pretty, but I know she's a fool.

           (Music Break)


Now what I see is what you really are.

So you strut just like some queen now

and you blink just like a star - you do.

I see a high brow mama who don't know squat!

Your walk is pretty - I like it a lot,

but oh sweet baby - I know, I know what you got.


Now the day will come ...










 It wouldn't tarnish JOE COCKER  


  These Chicago guys could handle it - no problem!



        Buddy Guy                 Eddie C Campbell                    Leon Brooks




 Parties interested in using this song, contact

 Jimmy Scalise @    [email protected]








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One of your songs has really added contrast to my CD!                                                                                                               It's now the most requested mp3 download. Thank you so much.

Bob Barker                                                                                                                                                                                       Montreal, CANADA