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All Songs composed by CY GREEN & JIMMY MILLER

Cy Green & Jimmy Miller  Composers

Track 10
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by Cy Green & Nick Coalizzi


Bossa Feel/  Concert C

Structure: AABA







This is a short computerized version

 done with music software.

A CHICAGO BIG BAND did a vocal version for years in public. They never got to a studio to record. The vocalist passed on and the Band dispersed.


      "What Should I Do (for your love?")







You know of all the things in life I see,

you are the one who means the most to me.

You are all that I live for -

Oh What Should I Do?


Now I yearn for you - just burn for you.

And if I could, this world I'd turn for you.

And I'd tear down the heavens -

Oh that's what I'd do for your love.


Ev'rytime you're close to me,

I get this tingle in my soul.

Oh you are my ecstasy

and I die everytime you go.


Hey, I'd lose for you. I'd booze for you.

Give up life and be a goose for you.

If that's not enough my love,

Oh What - What Should I Do?


A-A Embellishment





  Suggested Artists:      Kevin Mahogany/  Russell Malone/ Harry Connick

                                                    Kurt Elling/ Joe Cocker/ Tony Bennett/

                                             Dakota Horvath


                                                                                      BILL HENDERSON




 .... and a BIG BAND ARRANGEMENT would sound great!


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One of your songs has really added contrast to my CD!                                                                                                               It's now the most requested mp3 download. Thank you so much.

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